Friday, January 29, 2010

A Rainbow Coloured Life Worth Living

I've been up since 3 a.m for no apparent reason! May be it was my stomach cramps, maybe it was the cold medicine, or perhaps and yes I am pretty sure that it's because of all the going-ons in my life!!!

I guess we've all done something in our life that we're not proud of, something that makes us feel so remorseful that we wish we can turn back the clock (well, we can turn back the clock, we just can't turn back time). If that is done and over with, all that we can do is repent and ask for His forgiveness. When things do go wrong, family's support and a friend's advice and comforting words may be the only substance that keep us alive. (Dikwi once messaged me that things happen for a reason and I never thanked her for that. So Dikwi, thank you for reminding me:) Despite the thick and thin and lost and found friendship that we have, I love you still, no matter what, I cherish the good and happy moments with you. Sham, Adik, Kak Talha and Kak Sue, thank you for always being there for me when I need you the most, I love you guys) Ooops, this has turned into a soapy piece of dedication slot!!

I am also sure that at times, we do or say things, (or didn't do and didn't say things for that matter) that keep us awake at night. Despite of the uncountable number of sheeps we have been counting. All we can do is perhaps, keep counting that sheep I say!! Make them jump over the fence a little bit higher!!

At the very least, we must have also done things that we are proud of, that make us smile, even in our sleep!! So I guess, whatever that goes on in our daily life significantly affects our sleep, our consciousness as well as subconsciousness and may result in unconsciousness!!

What is important is that what we have not done. I mean, the future. What we have not done, YET. There's no use crying over spilt milk, or torn dress or broken heels or chapped lipstick or smeared mascara or curry puffed tudung or ... (okay, okay, my vanity has gotten into me). What is done is done. there's no going back, no rewinding and play and forwarding in life. Even the movie, 'Click' has proven this to be disastrous!! So yes, the important thing is to step forward, carry on with our lives and try to do the right thing (though right may turn out to be wrong). Take one step at a time, one day as it comes and hope that we may live to cherish more..

Like one of my favourite quotes, "only a life lived for others is worth living" Albert Einstein. What's the use of pasting this on my wall IF I myself don't believe in it, if I don't make myself useful to others? I am definitely not selfish (I hope not!), I haven't been and I don't intend on being so (though sometimes I feel that a little seljellyfishness won't hurt, so others won't kick you around or you MUST get your way, just this one little tiny weeny time, heheh). Hence, I wish and am still trying my best to make my life worth living, not just for me, for my family first and foremost, my friends, students and all around me. Insyaallah..

I'd better get ready for my extra class (hint, hint, hint) for my students now, before I become worthless and do noboody any good by just sitting on my bed, typing this post!