Tuesday, January 12, 2010

God's Gifts

We are chosen by Him for lots of different things.. To me, it is what it is, was what was, what's meant to be, would be, despite all the effort & struggle to go against it. All our hurdles in life, even our 'gifts' are all from Him.

Like all borrowed things that must be returned, what we have on earth are temporary be it husbands, wives, children..., all the luxuries in the world etc. We mustn't be proud simply because we are 'happy' (whatever that constitutes) in our marriage, we can buy anything that we want & that we are the one & only wife (& swear that we would only get married only once in our life) or we can bear children anytime we wish (& even set the date to get pregnant & choose the sex of the baby). I believe that God chooses us for certain things for definitely reasons of His own. We have to accept & redha whatever that is fated upon us. To those who consider themselves/ourselves lucky leading an 'easy' life, well, maybe that is your/our fate, or maybe the time hasn't come for tests to come your/our way yet.. whatever it is, think of Him & we'll stay sane. Insyaallah.. ;) erkk.. now I sound like an ustazah :P

(a response to a friend's notes via FB)

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