Saturday, January 30, 2010

Double-Standard French Toasts

I made French Toasts for breakfast yesterday, before going for that extra class. Wait, wait! Before you even say anything, no! The answer is NO! I have not violated THE LIST's fishrules & fruitregulations =)

Only, extra virgin olive oil was used, whole grain bread, and of course only egg white. Since wasting food is not how I was brought up, (hence the accumulation of weight) I must impose the yolk on someone else! Who else if not my dear beloved husband. So, I also made him some french toast but using only the yolk hahaha. This is so selfish of me right? I aim to be healthy and good looking while all the fat and unwanted are dumped on him. Hahahah never mind, it is just temporary and it's not everyday that I do that to him. Most of the time, we eat the same stuff, except during our working hours.

The healthy toast

The not so healthy one

Can you see the difference in colour?

Anyway, after preparing breakfast and having put them ready on the table, I went to get something in the room in front. My husband came out and started munching the toasts. I then suddenly remembered something, "Sayang! Which toasts are you eating?".
He was startled, so he put the toasts down. I went to see straight away and yes, I was right, my intuition was right! He had eaten mine!! That served me right for being double standard!!

What was left of my healthy french toast!!

Ahh never mind.. I got ready, got everyone in the car, out of the gate and I came to another realisation! I haven't even eaten what was left of my breakfast and i was already running late! So, my hubby had to run and get it for me, so just I could put it in my hadbag and have it later. He is such a sweet pie...

When I got to class, as usual, I asked if my students have had their breakfast. I told them this double standard french toast story and they laughed! I took out the toasts and asked if anyone was interested in having it for 20 sen, they almost fell off their chair with tears!!

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