Sunday, January 31, 2010

3 more yummies in THE LIST!!

After a week of deprivation and turning pale ( I was in front of the mirror, asking my husband if I was already glowing, he said 'hmmm a bit, but you look pale'), now Mior tells me that walnut, tomatoes and dark chocolate are in THE LIST too? What?!! Arrgghhhh.. why didn't he tell me earlier? Did he do this on purpose? Just so I would suffer first and be grateful later?! Hmmmph.. Never mind, at least I found out soon enough and not on the last day of this 28days set!
I'm hoping for more though for I am kind of tired of eating the same thing. Won't you? i mean, won't you feel like throwing up after eating the same things over and over and over for almost a week? Don't worry, I'm trying to hang on, as long as nothing too goodylicious comes to tempt my appetite ;P

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