Saturday, February 28, 2009

i am


i am matured
i am wise
i am reasonable
i am responsible
i am enthusiastic
i am highly spirited
and full of energy

i am lightheaded
i am childish
i am gigglish
i am happy
i laugh out loud
i am quick
i am witty
i am funny
i am experienced
and full of stories

i am dumb
i am stupid
i get jealous
i am fierce
i get angry
i get depressed
i get demotivated
i am defensive
if i feel the need

i am sad
i get upset
i am melancholic
i sulk and cry and weep
when i am hurt deep inside
Wrecked even by winds of words

I AM what i am
i am human
i am a woman
i am a wife
i am a mother
i am a daughter
i am a sister
i am a teacher
i am learning
i am a friend
i am just a girl
i am just a child
Deep inside
I AM who i am
Inside out
I AM who i portray
On the surface

Forgive me for who I AM

12.28 pm 28th February 2009
asniza hamzah

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