Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Gift

Earliest dawn
just before the sun peeks
to brighten this wonderful Sunday
just before the morning dew
gets touched by the sun

Airina Balqish,
you came to me
in my sleep
you came to me
you came to me
to touch my heart
you came
to see me

you looked at me
you smiled at me
you reminded me

I am your mother
you are my dauhgter
now and forever

I may not be the best mother
a child could ever have
I may not be the perfect mother
that you could ever had
I may not give
all that you ever wanted

but I hope I was good enough
to have made you happy
and provided
the love tender and care
that you ever needed
and I hope to be a better mother
for Ammar Darwish and Aimy Alisya

Airina Balqish,
I hope you would pray for me
I hope you would wait for me
I hope for us to be together

for I wish to see you
not just in my sleep
not just in my dreams
but for eternity

Thank you
for giving me
the best Mother's Day gift
by coming to see me
by visitting me
though only in my dream

I love you

Airina Balqish

Ammar Darwish

Aimy Alisya

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