Sunday, May 17, 2009

One "Happy" Teacher's Day

The Cashew Nuts managed to celebrate the teacher's day celebration today, though without the presence of our principal, the events went smoothly, at least until the day was almost over... and not forgetting an incident just before the musical chair competition. Ah well, nobody's perfect, nothing is perfect. All I can say is, 'a shaky start, a loose end'. The opening was a little shaky to begin with, so it was no surprise that the end lost everyone and got everyone lost! The middle was alright I supposed...but nobody remembers that!! Nutty as usual we are...

Despite the rocky beginning and end, I actually enjoyed myself even though I had (still have) a lot on my mind. What with having to think of my four Masters assignments to be submitted in three days' time, the KWN Competition (to be or not to be, that is the question) and bla bla bla (for I don't want to bore you with my grandma sad stories) I still managed to join the activities prepared by my students. I managed to win the "cucuk manik" competition and did a major contribution in making my team be the champion for coconut bowling too. I would have won more if not for the envious teachers' committee who suggest that I should give others a chance to win too.. I was just trying to have some fun and be a real sport to my beloved students.
Some of my students surprised me with their hidden talents too, which I feel so proud of. The management of the events, the 'dikir barat' singing and of course the endless poetry recitals.. You are Ketereh idols..

I was literally flooding with tears when we sang 'Biarku menjadi lilin..'. I did't mean to get sentimental but I don't know why, I just did, at the end of the very first verse. My tudung was the victim, before I could get a hold of some tissue paper..*sigh* I hope not too many of my students saw that! I don't want to seem too vulnerable. But I guess, the song really touched my heart, the lyrics went straight to my heart like a sharp knife. Sincerely, I feel something deep inside of me that says yes, I am sincere in teaching my students, not only in the classroom but also about life. I feel responsible in giving them what they need, before it is time for them to spread their own wings and fly..

To my students who remembered me on Teacher's Day, thank you so much. I love you with all my heart though sometimes I may portray otherwise. I don't need for you to buy me gifts to show that you appreciate me, just be responsible to yourself, make learning your priority so I can be proud of you, so your parents can be proud to say you're their children and first and foremost so that YOU can be proud of yourself!

To all my students, THANK YOU for the best 'Teacher's Day' ever..

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