Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Roads crossed

One Saturday

an old bitch
3 friendly dogs
crossed my way!

a cute squirrel
a big fat wild boar
crossed my path!

I cried my heart out..
I screamed my head off!

No matter what I do
No matter how careful I am

I can't help it if
bitches, dogs, boars or even squirrels
happen to cross the road
to block my way
to scare me out of my wits
to shed me to tears

I can only help myself
Not to cross those animal's roads
Not to thred on anyone's paths
Not to cause anyone pain
Not to tear anyone's heart

So I can go on
Doing what I do
So my life goes on
Coping with the heartaches
Sparing others of the hurt
Hoping I can survive
In this mean world
Of wild animals

Nisza 12.24 am 15.04.09


  1. Salam Nisz,

    I love your poems...:-)
    Thanks for sharing..


  2. fyi, ayman anuar is my son..i used his google mail in orer to leave you a comment ...