Monday, August 17, 2009

H1N1 Please Help ourselves before someone helps us!!

This morning, I wore (am wearing still) the mask for the first time. My students laughed at me!Let's see who has the last laugh..H1N1 is sending shivers through my veins, and does no good to my vanity either..not that I am THAT VAIN but, not only that I look terrible with the mask, I AM literally suffocating behind the mask, for wearing it! The mask I am wearing now is recommended by my personal GP Doctor (General Practioner) who says that it complies with the requirements, labelled as N95 or something like that! Sounds like the Nokia Handphone series to me! Hehe..

Anyway, H1N1 is no laughing matter, as it has killed many people including the elderly and sadly babies who never even got a chance to experience life! Yes, as faithful muslims, we have to accept Qada and Qadar, but as a human being and a citizen of this country, I would like to pose a few simple basic questions.
Who is responsible for all of these?
Who is to be blamed?What should the government do?
What should the public do to at least protect ourselves?
Most importantly,WHAT HAS ALREADY BEEN DONE TO CURB THIS VIRUS from spreading even worst?

I read somewhere that 5 more million is expected to be infected and 5000 more to die in THIS country alone! Oh my god! How can someone say that? How can someone just predict this with a straight face without doing something prominent to curb this? (Perhaps somebody IS doing something that we do not know of) It breaks my heart!! Tremendously..I lost a child last year due to pneumonia. I pray to Allah not to take another. I know everone will die eventually but please..not just yet..

So Malaysians, my students especially, please do something for me and for yourself. Take good care of yourself, take preventive measures. Practise good hygiene and wear the mask! It does not matter if we won't look good (or suffocating like mad inside it), it does not matter if nobody else is wearing it. Just take care care or yourselves and the rest, we leave it to the government and Allah to decide.. This is me, trying to look pretty behind the N95 mask ;) In the PMR Trail Examination Hall, only one student is wearing the mask. In the whole school, only two teachers are wearing it, and that includes me! *Sigh*

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