Friday, August 7, 2009

FAIR or fUNfair or just Funfair?!

I sacrificed my time to be with my husband this weekend in KL, because I have to attend lectures and I have a presentation. Last night, at 11pm I was still at the airport, sending him off, leaving me with two babies all 'alone' to drive in the middle of the night. (For your information, my babies are: a one year 7 months old boy & 4 months old baby girl).

Because I'm not used to being home alone in the 10 years of our marriage, I had to drive to Chabang 4 Tok Mek Ngoh to my auntie's (terhegeh2 kat orang, tu pun my stepmum's sister, not even my real auntie!) to spend the weekend because I have NOBODY else to take care of the kids.

At 2.30am, I was still up, doing the final touches for our presentation which was supposed to be today. At 3.30 am I was still up, feeding my 2 hungry babies (with formula laa, not susu cap gantung!)

So, imagine 3 hours of sleep, deprived of the usual comfort of my own bed & air-conditioning, mosquitoes that could not take their eyes of our tempting smooth skin & what not.., STILL able to make it to class ON TIME, WAITING patiently for our group's turn to present, anxious with all the long winded questions that might be thrusted upon us...& bla bla bla.. I could go on you know..

I requested 'to continue' with the presentation without the men, since the men were going for their Friday prayers, she (our lecturer) said 'it's unfair'. Okay, so I kept my mouth shut. I could accept that.

All of a sudden, at 12 noon, the usually problematic twins arrived for the lecture!. What?! We all murmured that they shouldn't have come at all!! But anyway.. (They do this every semester to every lecturer, every 'hand in assignment' day, every presentation day...etc)

All of a sudden (AGAIN), the lecturer said, "could the ladies please wait, the twins need to present today because they have problems tomorrow".. What the &@$%!

So now tell me what the hell is FAIR?! I really need some justification!

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