Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Silhoutte?

A student scared me today!

I was in class early this morning when a few boys were busy gossipping! I asked what the fuzz was about. Hastily, one boy whom I called Pakda (Penggoda) said that during Sports Day, 26th February, he took a photo of his friend and there was this shadow in the background. I had no comment and did not say anything but he said he would 'mms' it to me if he had my phone number, so instintively I gave my number to him. By noon, I had already forgotten all about him.

Anyway, around 3 pm I suddenly received a text message, while I was still in the school office. Immediately, I checked the picture message. It was a photo of a boy. I did not recognise the number so I thought somebody must have sent it to the wrong person, until I read the message at the bottom which said 'Look at the back, is it real?'. So I shifted my focus from the boy to the background. There it was! There was this shadowy figure of a woman, either wearing a very long black 'tudung' or she had rather long hair! My God! My hair was standing on ends! I couldn't believe my eyes! So the boys were telling the truth!

I immediately packed up my stuff and left school. I considered myself done for the day. No 'stay back' today, thank you. Even in bed, in the comfort of my home with my noisy son chattering away, I still have shivers in my veins. I'm sure going to be so scared tonight that I'll lock myself in the bedroom, come what may, til my husband gets back from his night class!

Pakda, you really scared me today!

5.25 pm 5th March 2009

See what I mean? The figure in the background is definitely NOT one of my students!


  1. tapikan. nampak mcm a girl y tgh pakai tudung with a blue baju kurung. really! and maybe dia nampak mcm blur2 sket cause dia tgh jalan ke. idk. maybe. doesnt look like ghost to me!

  2. tu lah...but my student amik gambar tu using handphone & he said nobody was there! But ghost wearing a blue blouse is something no one has ever heard of right? Vogue gilerrrr!