Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Letter To Farah

Dear Farah,

Before I even begin this letter in response to your beautiful 'lost and found' writing, I do hope that this letter would at least compensate for and console you for all the feelings that you have towards all your friends, especially me..and I know you would 'receive' this cyber letter instantly (since you are my only follower at the moment hehe ;)

Yes, I do remember all the good and bad times that we had. More importantly I remember the good (fantastic actually) time very vividly.

Do you remember the time when we became Claudia Schiffer and Cindy Crawford? We dressed up, put on loads of make up, kept changing clothes and between each other too, and your roomate had to become our amateur photographer for the whole night! We even had the fan blowing towards us in order to capture that Malaysia's Next Top Model look! But the background of the photos did no justice to us, did it? Hahaha *wink* *laugh**fall*

This is not surprising at all you know, if you remember how we got to know each other in the first place. Do you remember? After our Orientation Week, we were recruited to be models for a fashion show hosted by the KPLI students which also included some (two) professional models who were not good enough for us for we thought they should have been taller and better looking. We even got paid (amount is secret, ok?) and the show was broadcasted on television during Selamat Pagi Malaysia the following Friday morning. Well, do you? It is also because of this that my 'friends' accused me of only wanting to befriend only the pretty ones! (for whatever reasons?!) This should also be a compliment to any of my friends for this means that they are pretty ;)

Do you remember Taman Tasik Shah Alam where we went to lepak in the weekends? Taman Tasik Permaisuri where we went to keep fit, we jog (and by that I mean walking and checking out...err..people) quite often didn't we? We went to your sister's house in Bukit Antarabangsa, we went well...I could go on and on and on but I don't want to evoke too much memories.. But the point is, we had FUN! Tonnes of them.

You were (still are I hope) my true friend, a friend in happiness, in sadness, in need, a friend indeed. You were always there for me and I hope I was a friend to you as much as you were to me.

More than anything, you were not only my friend but also a teacher! Yes, a friend does all that and should be able to tell you things that others can't. You taught me a lot of things that I could't have learnt from home, not that my family didn't do a lot of teaching (and scolding) but there are some things that only a mother can share with her daughter. Wait! Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to say that you were like a mother to me. That's totally nonsense! But you did share a lot of knowledge that came from your mother with me, so incidentally, I learnt from her too. Maybe you didn't realise this then, but I appreciate all the little things in life so I definitely cherish the 'mom' moments that we shared. You also reminded me to be a good listener, a good 'ignorer' (for little insignificant issues) as a friend should be.

As far as friendship is concerned, you also taught me to be more wise in choosing friends. You told me that I shouldn't be too opened with people which could only expose me to too many risks of being hurt (I was too talkative back then, once I even had a one hour conversation with a dumb and deaf Chinese man at the college bus stop! That's how talkative I was). I'm still trying to practise this 'ilmu' that you gave me but usually after I get into trouble of not remembering this 'rule' in the first place. Old habits die hard lah dear...

By the way, you also 'introduced' me to blogging so here I am practising your 'ilmu' some more. (You need to teach me how to put the counter, I've tried too many times that I run out of username to use and it still hasn't work!)

Back to the topic of being friends, I just want you to know that I loved you and I still do though we are hundreds of miles apart. If I was teaching in Kuala Lumpur or at least in the two neighbouring states, I'm sure we would still be going out, shopping, having dinner, giggling, standing in front of a fan to look good....err... Well, we would, won't we? Spending time with each other I mean.

Please don't give up on me. Please answer my call. Please give me a call. I didn't mean to not answer your call the other day. It was just wrong timing.. Let's rekindle our friendship, at least half of what it used to be if not all.


9.35 pm 5th March 2005


  1. My dear Nisz,

    You touched me, again and again.

    I don't think i deserve this wonderful letter, but in my *shyness*, i've never been more pleased!

    Alhamdulillah, all come from Him my dear, i didn't/cudn't do much without His permission.

    I'm not at all merajuk with the phone calls, i understand perfectly!

    Insyallah, one of these days, i'd give you a call ya?!

  2. ....................................

    teacher munirah was once a MODEL?! hohoho. she's... whoaaaaaa. and im like, whoaaaaaa!! *speechless actually :P*. waaaaaaa. you two must be REALLY10 close back then huh? true friends are really hard to find these days... well, hopefully your friendship with teacher munirah lasts! ;)))

  3. yes! and we were like whoaaaaaaa....
    TQ! We havent seen eachother for almost 1o years now! TRUE friends ARE hard to find, you'll find out as you get older. You'll hold on to your friends that you had from you were young especially from school. It's difficult to trust people when they usually have different agendas. Good luck growing up!

  4. fuhh. 10 years tuu. a decade is like, woahhhh. anyway, THANKS A LOT! ;DDD