Monday, October 12, 2009

Seriously!!! Diplomacy is all it needs.

People have got to learn to be more diplomatic with other people, particularly in the work place. Seriously! Something is definitely the matter with YOU, if every other week people come screaming in your face! Slamming the door in your face, throwing things at you without any respect for you.

Please! Ask ourselves some questions before we go to bed each night;

What am I doing that is not right?
What am I saying that is hurting other people?
Am I not minding my own business?
Am I REALLY minding my own business?
Is there something wrong with me?
Is there something within me that needs improvement and rererererecleansing?

I would just like to remind myself and others, NO one is perfect. Before we find others' fault, why don't we examine ourselves first. Restrain ourselves from hurting others or messing into other people's business. Put your nose where they belong if you don't want anyone to come squashing it flat! Flatter than it already is :) It's only fair for 'don't do upon others what you don't want to be done onto you'. I am not one of those 'soft spoken', lady like, like the last feminine lady ever to exist on earth but I try my very hardest not to poke my button nose into other peoples' 'skirts'. But don't get me wrong, and don't be deceived, I may dress in pink and look all soft and gentle in baby blue, but watch out! If you try to be funny with me, if you try to even pull my soft baby pink scarf, I'll make sure that your 'kurung' gets wet and your big phony 'jilbab' pulled front to back too, if not torn at the very worst!

Again, sometimes diplomacy is all it needs. If you are at the top, use words wisely to confront others. Everyone has dignity. Don't treat us like donkeys simply because we are at your service! Don't treat us like dogs for we might bite you and infect you with scabbies and let you die of mad dog disease..

Looks can be deceiving :)

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