Wednesday, July 1, 2009

They're only words, but they could kill

Oops, they did it again!
The cashew nuts strike again!!
This time, involving a friend, colleague and parent all summed into one.
Oh, and a spouse of that person whose world is now spinning gasing.

What you do between the four walls of your home, does not necessarily mean that the walls would secure you from the world outside and the outside world.

What you confide in a colleague in the comfort of your own school does not necessarily mean that it will stay in your own school, as walls at school have more eyes and ears and in fact, possess bigger mouths that cannot be seen even with very tactful eyes.

Who you think is a teacher of your children is first and foremost a normal 'flawfull' human being who have many ways of turning into a hateful selfish tell tale creature that can destroy every little bit of happiness that you have left or you hope to have in what's left of your life.

What you expect to be a confidential MOU between you and that 'trusted' trustworthy trustee does not necessarily mean that the MOU then would still be understood later. It might as well have been called an MOM.. Memorandum of Misunderstanding, so everyone can just purposely misunderstand and do whatever the hell they like, with whoever the hell they know, wherever the hell they feel suitable, however the hell the way it is and whenever the hell permits! For God's sake, an MOU is an MOU! It does not have to be a *#%k^+# written agreement!

Who you trust as a friend (especially at work) does not necessarily mean that the person would stand by your side through thin and thick. In fact, that person may be the one breaking the thin ice that you're standing on the moment they get the opportunity so you would drown and freeze to death immediately, without even having the chance to realise it before it's too late.

Who you believe is your life partner for decades does not necessarily mean that you are still with the same person that you met and knew ages ago. They may surprise and give you the shock of your life that you have no faith in anyone anymore, perhaps not even in yourself!

The lesson that we should learn from this IS that, 1) trust no one! 2) trust especially not two! 3) trust nobody,nobody and nobody at all, except in Allah of course..

We cannot force upon others a certain expectation that we ourselves cannot fulfil if thrusted onto us but we can stop (or at least try to) ourselves from being our own enemy and stop using our own weapon to trap and kill ourselves in our own words..


  1. Masyallah!!!!

    200% agreed!!

    Oh gosh, I have experienced that(many times- at office and family), loathed them and no words to describe how 'unpleasant' I SEE those people now...

    Allahuakbar, you MUST have the patience in you and forgiveness, or else, we'll be cuckoo ourselves dealing with these people day in and day out!

    May Allah have mercy on them and us all.

  2. TRUST is a non-existence word..
    Because of words of mouth, my friend is now having problems..

    by the way, what happen to our photo when you came to KB?